Reception Packages

Luke Frutig | $3250

Owner and DJ, Luke will bring your event to the next level and pack the dance floor every time!

Justin Reed | $2750

Justin is a skilled DJ and event host who knows how to keep the party going with his music.

Nicole Proehl | $2450

DJ and event host, Nicole is talented and intuitive. Detail oriented and always packs the floor.

Brian Alvarez | $2250

Brian boasts an extensive musical repertoire that spans across decades, promising a lively reception.

Here's what's included

Below are the items and services included in each reception package. Pricing is all inclusive and not subject to timeframe. We will arrive early to set up and stay after to tear down. No hidden fees.

DJ Performance

Using turntables or CDJ's along with well developed techniques, we provide an evening of quality dance music. With regard to your tastes and an attentiveness to the dance floor we will keep the energy alive and the mood a positive one. No gimmicks and no cheese.

MC Service

This includes introductions, making all necessary announcements, and seeing that all events and dances are followed through with ease and elegance. We are well aware of the stigmas surrounding a wedding DJ and their microphone. Our approach is to let the music do most of the talking. Though when the mic is on, we keep it cool, concise, clear and professional. Again no gimmicks.

Astera Tube Lights

Included in the reception packages are 8 Astera tube lights. These lights are an beautiful accent to any dance floor! Wireless and battery powered, with a small footprint and big impact. All in sync with the music creating mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colors!

*not included in Brians reception package. but will include some form of dance floor lights.

Sound Reinforcement

Includes up to two locations: A powerful primary sound system for dancing as well as a smaller remote sound system for events such as dinner or cocktail hour. Our equipment includes the highest quality mobile sound reinforcement and wireless microphones for parties up to 400. Additional sound reinforcement is available upon request.


Upon signing, we include two meetings over zoom or the phone to develop the music, structure and vibe of your wedding. We will gladly offer direction on what to avoid and, most importantly, what works. Our aim is to guide clients towards a sensible timeline that will ensure an exciting and stress-free evening.

Additional Offerings

Ceremony | $400

Sound reinforcement, microphones and music.

Ultimate Lighting | $350

Upgrade your dance floor lighting to all of the lights! in addition to the 8 Astera Tube lights you get 4 moving heads and a haze machine. Transforms any event into a vibrant spectacle. With dynamic colors, pulsating patterns, all synchronized to the rhythms

*upgraded lighting available with Luke's reception package

Astera Tube Lights | included

Now included in reception packages. Transform your dance floor with Astera tube lights. Wireless and battery powered with a small footprint. in sync with the music to create mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colors.

Moving Head Lights | $200*

Illuminate your event with moving heads. Offering up to four versatile fixtures that deliver dazzling beams and vibrant washes to elevate any dance floor experience.

*2 or 4 fixtures w/ haze (If venue allows) *$200 per 2 fixtures.

Up-lights | $25*

Designed to cast a soft, warm glow and enhance the beauty of your space. Wireless and versatile, you can highlight architectural features, create subtle backdrops or make a bold statement.

*$25 per light. Minimum of 8 lights.

Live Percussion | $1250

Bring the music to life with live drums & DJ!

*available only with Luke Frutig

Saxophone Performance | $1250

Bring the music to life with live Saxophone player !

*available only with Luke Frutig.

Club Cannon | $650

Handheld C02 Cannon. Includes 20lb tank for approximately 40 second blast time. $175 per additional tank

*up to 2 cannons available.

Dancing on the Clouds | $400

Low lying fog during first dance and more

*please check with venue before selecting, to ensure fog is permissible

Additional Sound System | $200

If more than two sound locations are needed for reception, price per additional location

Inquire for availability and booking