Who I am

Derived from my birth name “Luke Frutig” Lufru was my nickname before I ever DJ’ed. Born in 1986, I have spent the majority of my years in Ann Arbor. I’m a DJ, producer, musician, passionate and curious about people, life, and social dynamics. I enjoy doing what I do and my hope is that it shows in my work! I started Dj’ing in 2011 while studying music technology at the University of Michigan. Since then myself and my business have grown and I have had a lot fun in the process. I manage & operate every aspect, from web design, emails, and of course the dance party. My philosophy is in high standards and I take great pride in that. Most of all, it’s a joy and an honor to provide entertainment for great people who really appreciate a great party!

What I do

I love music… I love singing it, I love creating it, I love dancing to it, and since the first time I DJ’ed, I found I love making people dance to it. For me it is an unparalleled joy to see faces light up and a crowd set off when the right song is played at the absolute perfect time. Lufru Entertainment is a premium DJ Service based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and is owned and operated solely by me… Luke Frutig. I’m the one you communicate with, I'll be your DJ, MC, and go-to guy. I really love what I do, and I feel blessed to be involved with the combination of music, marriage, dancing and everything in between. Not to mention all the awesome couples I've had the privilege of working with through the years!

As someone with a unique and extensive perspective on the event process, years of experience with music, catering, and playing a part in my families event space Frutig Farms, it will be my responsibility to see your event through, just as you imagine it.I will be a valuable asset in creating a dynamic structure for your reception while carrying out a pleasant and seamless flow of all desired events. It is your day, and you deserve to enjoy every moment. Each celebration is different with a great variety of people and tastes. So with my confident subtle approach to the microphone, my openness to all types of music, and my respect for all people, I will make your party the best and most distinguished it can be — stress-free, enjoyable and appropriate.

What I'm about

I'm about quality, organization, aesthetics and making the most out of all that I’ve been given. I strive for excellence in all that I do and I promise to provide such standards at each and every event I DJ. In order to create an exciting and joyous atmosphere I play the music that gets everyone smiling, singing and moving!  A quality DJ to me is first of all a sociable and genuine person with a great appreciation and respect for all types of people. I believe one must possess a solid sense of rhythm, an attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of music from all eras and genres. With that said, my greatest aim is to bring the sweet joy of music to you and yours. It’s a tricky job though pleasing everyone, and I would never promise that I can or will. What I can promise, is that I will work hard, I will read the crowd and I will genuinely engage with you and your guests while playing music that can bring generations together.

The way I see it, is that people will engage in an energy as much if not more than just a familiar song. When I am DJing a wedding for example, and I see grandma and grandpa dancing harder to Party Rock Anthem than anyone else, I’m overjoyed! There is an abundance of joy to be had, especially at weddings, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Music is a treasure, as are people, and I couldn’t say enough about how much I appreciate the good men and women making it possible for me to be so involved with that which I am so passionate. After a lot of dance floors, and more than my share of characters, I have found that a great party is about sharing in the joys of others, realizing that good people, good music, good food, good anything knows no time or place.