Luke is a fantastic DJ located in Ann Arbor. Not your typical Wedding DJ, he possesses a strong ability to read crowds, mix all types of music, while creating a fun and inviting environment for any occasion!


Her vast musical knowledge is as broad as it is deep and her eclectic, high-energy sets are guaranteed to keep the wedding party and guests on the dance floor far into the night.

Since founding Lufru Entertainment in early 2011, I have worked hard to provide consistent, non-cheezy, quality entertainment, delivered with style and personality. Upholding and raising those standards has always been paramount. It’s not so difficult when the only person I have to keep in check is myself. Though In this line of work the best way to expand is to employ auxiliary DJ’s. Until recently, I was hard pressed to find a high-caliber DJ with talent, personality and an unparalleled work ethic with whom I could trust. That is until the lovely Meryl Waldo came along! With another DJ on the team, we’re able to accommodate double the events with the same approach, services, quality and down-right fun I started with! I’m so happy to have her on the team! The talent and passion she has for music will undoubtedly make a great addition to any event.

*The designated DJ for your event is dependent on the availability of Luke & Meryl. Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you about your options and a potential meeting.